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Without any doubt, there are great entertainment possibilities these days than ever before, starting with a fast and permanent internet connection currently available, as well as proper portable and local devices like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets that are compatible with crazy games, free online games, along with other multimedia services and functions.

In this way, thanks to the great power such portable and local devices have with advanced processors or SOC, as well as their possibilities to be used on the go when it comes to phones, tablets and other handhelds, videogames, movies, streaming services and other entertainment platforms are at the palm of our hands every seconds at present time.

For example, by using our smartphones we have the possibility to enjoy of graphically advanced videogames that offer console quality, whether we download such games in the form of an app or we play them online through the use of specialized web sites that include thousands of titles, of different genres and types that run through the internet connection and browsers.

Local computers such as PCs, MAC devices from Apple, laptops and other personal computers running Windows and Linux are also compatible with online games, through the use of proper and updated browsers that actually provide the possibility to have the best experience, in direct comparison with devices using a touch screen due to the lack of physical buttons and controls.

Online games never were as popular as they are today, with plenty of web sites that are focused and specialized on offering the best and most varied titles, including genres that start from sport and racing games, to strategy and even erotic titles that fit with taste of every user who want to spend some time playing online, without requiring to download or installing anything.

A little history and present about online crazygames

With the massive use of internet connection that was a reality in the decade of 1990, entertainment in general experienced a great jump in those days due to the release of Adobe Flash; a multimedia player that provided the technology that allowed the further coding and use of online games, which were executed through internet browsers directly.

In this way, by the year of 2000 internet users were able to play games in their computers without requiring any previous download or installation whatsoever, since the title ran directly on the internet browser thanks to the Adobe Flash Player technology, which reached a great success in terms of market share because of the entertainment possibilities of the software.

By the year of 2004 pages of online games were everywhere, having most of them great success according to the titles and categories offered to the users, since there were web sites with console quality games and complex controls, while others just offered a few games with no related value and even unfinished or buggy software.

From this period on, online game pages have been one of the preferred entertainment internet platforms of people across the world, with an average number of users exceeding the 2 million per day in the most outstanding web sites, which every day include several titles in every category and with different quality and difficulty.

At present time, the related success of online game pages has decreased in comparison to previous years, due to the extended use of mobile devices and titles in form of apps that can be downloaded directly in the device and be played with a touch screen.

However, web sites offering online games are still available and many users prefer them because of the use of keyboard, mouse and even joysticks and physical controls that provide a more satisfying experience.

The concept of online games

Specifically, videogames are the type of entertainment software that allow users to interact with graphics on a screen, through a control, joystick, mouse and keyboard or any other mean to achieve a specific goal demanded by the software.

Now, in details online games obviously belong to the same general concept of videogames explained before. However, such online games are the kind of software that is executed on an internet browser and downloading on real time the technical resources from the internet.

Therefore, with online games users do not have to download anything from the web or install anything, since the title practically runs using the browser of choice as main platform and permanent internet connection in order to get the files to run the game.

Online games offer plenty of advantages in comparison to traditional games that must be downloaded or saved on a cartridge, CD, DVD or BD, as well as these frequently need a specific system to be played, while games on internet can be played on any computer and only requiring a permanent connection on the device to use a browser.

On the other hand, online games have what it can be considered as a quick or immediate entertainment approach, as titles that are focused to be found and played by users who are looking for entertainment without investing too much time on searching.

Therefore, a related disadvantage could be the lack of games that have a deep story or long gameplay, along with advanced 3-D graphics that require more resources, among others. Of course, different platforms offering online games include titles with these characteristics but are only a few in most cases.

Technology behind online games

Since online games are played directly through the internet browser and permanent connection, these must use a different type of technology in comparison to videogames that are designed to be played locally.

So, online gaming is usually based on multimedia frameworks such as JAVA and Adobe Flash Player to provide compatibility to the different browsers, being these two platforms the most used back in the 90s and 2000s decades.

Now, due to the different and more extended requirements most recent games need to run properly, the frameworks have changed into more advanced platforms that also provide more security, quickness, reliability and ease to program, such as HTML5 and others that are considered the new standard in terms of multimedia frameworks online.

Nonetheless, for those web platforms offering online games based on console emulation to play titles of systems like NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and others Adobe Flash Player continues to be the standard because of its acceleration and virtualization capabilities.

How online games are meant to be played

Web games can be played in many different ways depending on their specific compatibility, genre, category and goal, although physical controls are guaranteed in any case and for many users this is a distinctive advantage over tactile controls on touch screens present nowadays on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

So, the majority of online games can be played using mouse and keyboard or only the keyboard to control a character, vehicle, weapon or any option depending on the title. Also, other games can involve other type of gear by using a joystick, steering wheel or a control to play with more comfort at specific genres or titles available, including also rumble and other functions.

Due to the immediate entertainment approach of web games users just want to load a specific title and start playing without any complication, and because of this the keyboard is usually the main control of choice, and games most of the time just involve 5 or 6 action buttons that frequently are W- A-S-D, arrow keys and spacebar.

On the other hand, when it comes to first person shooters and some sport games the use of the mouse becomes imperative, in order to aim or manage camera angles and other character options. So, depending on the online game a type of control and use is better or worse.

Different genres and available unblocked games 24h

There are different genres and categories available related to online unblocked games 24h, where users can pick their choice depending on their preferred types of titles and how they are played. For example, racing games are of the most favorite by children and adults where they can control a vehicle and win races, by completing circuits faster or competing on drifting.

Now, if racing games are not the preferred category respecting online games, the good news is that there are plenty of other examples for those looking for to play and have a good time, such as RPGs, sports, first person shooters, action, simulation, strategy, puzzles, multiplayer, fighting, cards, arcade, multiplayer and other types of games available.

Some online game pages include several other categories that can be more general or more specific, where different titles are included in more than one type of game or class. For example, in some cases 3-D games are also sports or three person shooters that include advanced graphics, while role playing games or RPGs can also be included in the action category.

Many options on unblocked games 333 to choose

There are plenty of online games available to choose on the internet, with some that are quite known and have several players around the world, even being possible to play with each other thanks to multiplayer capabilities. For instance, 8 Ball Pool is a title that has fame and several players globally who can play and compete with each other.

There are other clear examples of available unblocked games 333 such as CRS Racing Top, Geometry Dash which have mobile versions on iOS and Android, as well as Arkanoid, Spider Solitaire, Metal Slug as another very known title, Naruto Battle inspired on the anime character, Get On Top, Zombs Royale, Bookworm, Rooftop Sniper and many others.

Frequent minimum and recommended requisites for online games

Online games are still videogames that must meet with some requirements to be played smoothly and with enough frames per second, in order to have a satisfying experience in general. First of all and most important, at present time is mandatory to use an updated browser to have the best execution of the game, since like this compatibility and technical resources are guaranteed.

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari and other browsers are compatible while they are installed with their last update at time of playing. In this way accelerated graphics for 3-D games is possible in case of having a graphics card, as well as other functions that help the game to be ran smoothly and with consistent frame rates, especially if high resolution screens are being used.

In terms of hardware, fortunately most online games do not require very powerful hardware to be played in a decent way, even on old machines. Nonetheless, it is recommended to use a PC with at least 2 GB of RAM memory, a 2 Ghz processor with two cores or more, an optional dedicated graphics cards for demanding 3-D games, as well as having proper mouse and keyboard to play the games.


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