Exercise your brain with the online game 2048

In the different online game platforms there are titles that belong to different categories, which some of them may be more popular than others in comparison. For example, the most searched games users want to play are those intensive graphics titles, with a story behind and with plenty of hours of gameplay to enjoy directly on the internet browser of choice.

Nonetheless, not all users of these online game platforms look for those action and intensive graphics games, but some of them just want to have a good time and enjoy a beneficial title for the mind and brain, by solving different challenges and puzzles that involve math and other disciplines. 2048 is an online game that achieves all of these characteristics to enjoy.

Specifically, 2048 is a puzzle and math game created and released in 2014 by the Italian developer Gabrielle Cirulli, which was published by Solebon LLC and provides versions for a variety of systems, such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, Nintendo DS, as well as the Flash version that is available in online game platforms that can be played directly from the internet browser.

What to know about the 2048 game

As it was said before, the 2048 game is a puzzle and math title in which the player can exercise the mind, at the same time they are able to have a great time. Specifically, there is a board with up to 16 tiles that are put in the form of a grid where every tile is connected to the other. In such tiles the numbers will be appearing and the goal in the game is to make collide the tiles to join the numbers together.

As the name of the game says, the ultimate gold is to reach the number 2048 in at least one tile by when adding other tiles of the same number, starting by 2 and then following 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. In this way, a tile needs to be added up to ten times to get to this exact number of 2048. Nevertheless, the game does not stop there and the player is able to keep playing and obtain a bigger score in one tile.

Being a puzzle game, 2048 can be considered a low intensive graphics title since it does not involve arenas or 3-D characters. However, for many people it result being the perfect platform to be entertained on free time, especially for those adults who want to exercise the mind and do not require those intensive games with plenty of details and astonishing design.

Characteristics of 2048 unblocked

2048 is a one player puzzle game with just one game mode and the goal of achieving the number 2048 on one tile at least. To get to this number, the player can move the tiles from left to right and from top to bottom; when two tiles have the same number these get collided and show the total between the two previous numbers.

In order to keep playing and getting tiles together, every time the players move the tiles a random tile appears with 2 or 4 in it, and when the tiles got together they disappear and surrounding tiles take their places. So, the objective is to always try to join the larger number to sum up the biggest score and tile. If the grid gets full and any number repeats with another on the side, below or above the game is over.

Nonetheless, in some online game platforms is possible to find 2048 unblocked versions of the game that come with some help or the possibility to get higher score, although the challenge and exercising purpose of the game can be lost since the idea is to practice and get high numbers with no help or support, but only by creative and abstract thinking.

Learning how to play 2048: controls and cheats

Playing 2048 is very simple. In the online version of the game the title will be loaded on a web tab or window, and the controls to handle the grid and upcoming tiles are the arrow keys in the keyboard. Every key performs an actions and the tiles follow them, either going down, up, left and right, taking the decision on how to player the player to obtain the higher score and get 2048 on a single tile.

Since there are other versions of the game for different operating systems, such as the portable Nintendo DS and the mobile operating systems Android and iOS, en these specific cases controls change. For instance, for the mobile app to move the tiles the user just has to sweep on the screen with the finger to the wanted direction, and when there are physical controls or D-pad available these are compatible too.

On another part, in terms of cheats there are different advices and recommendations to obtain the higher numbers in the game. For example, the player must not worry about the smallest numbers and join together the bigger ones, only considering these since the little numbers join together almost automatically creating the worthy digits.







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