8 Ball Pool

How to play 8 Ball Pool Game

To play 8 Ball Pool, the only thing to do move the mouse around the screen to set the stick as you like in relation to the ball you want to hit. After you place the stick like you want to, click the left button of your mouse as long as you want to give the hit enough strength, and then just release it.

Being an online game, you have to wait for the other player to play until you get your turn again. For example, the player you game against have the right to keep trying get every ball into the holes while they manage to, when they fail in the attempt is your turn to play.

In 8 Ball Pool there are different rules to play. For instance, faults can be done when you take too long to hit a ball, the cue ball do not hit your own balls whatsoever, as well as the ball do not hit the rail of the table. So, when you make a fault you lose your turn and the other player can play, which is called in the game “Having a hand in hand”.

Remember, 8 Ball Pool is an online game. Therefore, to play with your friends you can log in with your Miniclip account, as well as with your Facebook account.

Explanation 8 Ball Pool Online

Pool games are a classic to play while we have some free time, since it results quite entertaining to try getting every ball into the holes in the green board, by mastering a subtle but precise hit with the stick. With 8 Ball Pool you will be able to do that and more, having hours of fun and the possibility to advance in the game into more difficult levels, getting more entertaining every time.

8 Ball Pool is a game with a simple purpose; getting the 8 balls of every level into the holes in the green board. Of course, you get extra points if you manage to get into the holes as many balls as possible with just one hit of the stick. So, the intention is to plan every hit with caution in terms of strength, precision, accuracy and most of all; technique.

However, the most important and fun thing about 8 Ball Pool is the possibility to play online with friends and people around the world, being a lot more entertaining that challenging the CPU or machine. So, you can play as a guest or log in to the game to play with your name and credentials.

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