Air Battle

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Air Battle


Air Battle is an entertained airplanes game in which you will have to fight a battle against other military aircrafts, and show then necessary skills to accomplish the missions assigned to you and face the enemy. You can pick one among the most complete, fast and better equipped airplanes to carry out the different challenges the game has.


You can use the keyboard to control the airplanes and, while it is not a joystick, you can perfectly achieve an optimal performance. You only need to use the direction arrows to navigate, and the spacing bar to shoot. Whenever you want to change your weapon, the numbers 1 and 2 will do it for you.


The game gets interesting as the campaign goes on, the more familiar you are with it, the better you will be. The practice makes the master, and Air Battle is not an x to the rule.


The game is 20 levels length. You advance as much as you eliminate the enemy’s path, while avoiding danger, so you move to the next level. In case of having a very low score you will have to take coins to recover. If you lack ammunition you can choose to have enemy planes explode with the propellant of your aircraft. The maneuvers to be executed must be effective and correct to defend you opportunely against the opponent and prevent him from defeating before, thus taking away the victory.


There are lots of games like this available in Google Chrome. For example, Air Attack, where you have to defeat enemies in the middle of a mountain. Also, Plane Wars, where must fight for freedom executing different strategies, reloading ammunition, charging your planes energy and some other elements to empower your aircraft.


Overkill Apachi is another top game, in which you must pilot a helicopter to return order to the population, while destroying the enemies (Very peacefully). You will have 3 lives and little chances of avoiding enemy contact, so the experience will be intense.


Add to your shortlist of airplanes games for Google Chrome Assault Fighter Vs. Invaders. You are the fighter; your land is being invaded and needs to be defended. The weapon is your plane, which can’t be destroyed or the war will be lost against the aliens trying to dominate your territory and the planet.


Many games, multiple options, lots of fun in the heights and lots of bullets and aircrafts.

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