Atari Breakout

Have fun playing the classic game Atari Breakout online

Most videogame lovers around the world visit online games platforms to be able to play classic titles from decades ago, which were released originally on arcade machines, home consoles and computers of that time. There are great examples; from Asteroids to titles like Arkanoids and Atari Breakout, these games really stand for such amazing time in the decades of 1970 and 1980 until today.

In details, Atari Breakout has an interesting history behind it that is worthy of telling. Atari Breakout was created and released in 1976 by Atari Inc., and the most interesting thing about this fact is that it was designed and coded by Steve Wozniak; co-creator of the technology enterprise Apple Computer Inc., with Steve Job´s help that supported Wozniak also in the creation of the game.

In this way, Atari Breakout would be the first game of its type released for the Atari 2600, becoming a huge phenomenon and success that will lead to the creation of other similar titles for the arcade, home consoles and personal computers, as well as the upcoming more advanced devices like SNES, Gameboy, iPod and more because of the addiction and fun the game was able to give every player.

Details and description about Atari Breakout game

Thoroughly, Atari Breakout game is an action and puzzle title that was first released in 1976 for the Atari 2006, as a 2-D game with a 16-palate color that has been ported into other console and computer versions. At present time, the original Atari Breakout game can be played online on online game platforms through the use of an updated internet browser and a mouse or keyboard.

The purpose of the game is to destroy every block by using a bouncing ball that is always moving, and the job of the player is direct such ball on the block and destroy them, without the ball getting to the bottom of the screen. If such event happens the player will lose one life of the three they have at the beginning of the game on every stage.

So, the player must try to redirect the ball by using the bouncing platform, when all blocks are destroyed the stage is cleared and another one will come. The difficulty of the game increases in many ways through the different levels; the ball increases its speed, blocks starting to fall quicker from the top of the screen, and such blocks according to different colors will react differently to the ball´s hit.

Other features and characteristics of Atari Breakout online free

The Atari Breakout online free version that is available on most web game platforms in the internet offer a more advanced title in comparison to the original, which it is represented on colors and the way the game develops. For example, colored blocks and background are included, as well as the possibility to play the game at full screen.

However, something that remains almost identical in comparison to the classic first title are the game modes. There are three different game modes: 1x multiplier, 3x multiplier and 5x multiplier, which increase the ball´s speed and the different block reactions to hits, making the game a lot more difficult and more entertaining at the same time.

The game modes are called “multiplier” because points obtained during these modes multiplies times the respecting mode selected. While more difficult levels are coming different types of blocks starting to appear, such as the splitting blocks that divide the ball up to three times to destroy them as fast as possible, or those blocks that when destroy send different bonuses and extra points the player must catch with the moving platform.

How to find Google Atari Breakout versions and how to play

If you want to play Google Atari Breakout this search engine is very useful, you just have to write “Atari Breakout” on the search bar and several options on online game platforms will appear, such as Mini Games, Crazy Games and many more, which offered titles that run on the internet browser thanks to Adobe Flash and HTML5.

On another part, how to play the game and the involved controls are very simple. First, the player can choose if they want to play by using the mouse only or the arrow keys on the keyboard only. To play with the mouse, the user only have to move it and the platform on the game will move to make the ball bounce.

It is the same case with the arrow keys; the platform will move while the player pushes the left or right arrow keys on the keyboard. For some versions for touch devices and mobile operating systems like Android or iOS, the physical controls are substituted by touch controls, which in this specific case might be more intuitive since the only action required is to move the platform around.

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