Bloons Tower Defense 5

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Pop up all the balloons in Bloons Tower Defense 5

Regarding online game platforms, these websites provide to the users different types of games and titles that can be played directly on the internet browser of choice, many of them also having their proper version in mobile operating systems, such as iOS or Android. For example, one of these titles that combines building, action and strategy is Bloons Tower Defense 5.

In further details, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an action and strategy game that was released in 2011, as the fifth part of the Bloons Tower Defense series that from the beginning turned out to be a great success. The game was developed and published by Ninja Kiwi and at present time it is available on web browsers as an online title, as well as an app for iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile and Mac OS and Windows 10 in traditional software.

In 2018 was released Bloons Tower Defense 6 as the latest title of the series, with more game modes and options and the most advanced game graphically speaking, although it can be played through the use of internet browsers since it has been coded under Flash and HTML5 technologies.

Play Bloons Tower Defense 5: goal and description of the game

Bloons Tower Defense 5 or abbreviated in the game as Bloons TD5 is considered and action and building title, since it mixes the purpose of aiming and destroying some balloons and other enemies, as well as building a proper tower and other facilities in the town of Monkey City, where the player has the opportunity to purchase the land and other elements with virtual money in the game.

Following, the ultimate objective in Bloons TD5 is to destroy all the balloons and protect the towers and lands from them, and to do so the player must aim and shoot darts to those balloons by playing with the different characters available. However, depending on the game mode other goals are pursued, such as building facilities, obtain points faster by repeating tracks and more.

In the same way, to play Bloons Tower Defense 5 means in the goal of upgrading everything as possible on the title, from the different weapons and characters to the skills and tower themselves.

In terms of graphics and other features of the game, this is a 2-D title that is played with a view from the top and at the center of the track, with a very cartoon feel and full of color and details that make the game worthy of playing quite a while, introducing many improvements in comparison to other released titles of the series.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 hacked: Game modes

In order to destroy the balloons and build amazing towers and purchase lands in Monkey City, there are different game modes available in the game. For instance, there is the traditional one player mode where the player can select a track to play in with beginners or intermediate difficulty level, as well as easy, medium or hard level respecting the balloons´ speed and strength.

Depending on the different game modes and difficulty available rewards in money and experience points differ, starting from 75 to 150 in the hardest mode. However, after having some hours playing the game users can obtain other difficulty levels, such as Deflation, Apocalypse and Sandbox, having all of them special characteristics and goals to achieve by the player.

Now, there are other game modes available in Bloons Tower Defense 5, such as Specialty Buildings where the player is able to purchase and build a tower, play as Tribal Turtle and Meerkat Spy in the Secret Agent mode to overcome different missions.

To enjoy the features of all of these game modes the player must log in and save the game for at least several hours, in order to obtain money and enough experience points to unlock different levels and modes. Nevertheless, with the Bloons Tower Defense 5 hacked version that is available online, the player can start playing with all modes available and a lot money to buy different improvements and lands.

Controls and how to play Bloons Tower Defense 5 unblocked

Respecting how to play Bloons Tower Defense 5 unblocked, after selecting the track and game mode to play in, the goal is to place the selected character from the list showed on the right on the track, so such character is able to destroy the upcoming balloons. To do so, after clicking the character the player click on it and place on the track.

In this game in particular there is no need to use the keyboard, since all the selections and actions in the track can be carried out by clicking on the left button of the mouse. Nonetheless, in the touch versions of Bloons Tower Defense 5 unblocked that are compatible with iOS and Android there are different gestures and actions, such as like sliding and tapping the screen to control the character and play the game ins smartphones and tablets.

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