Bookworm Puzzle Game

Have the best time playing the puzzle game Bookworm

There are several videogames genres to enjoy and pick for all players´ tastes. While some enjoy playing action 3-D games and first person shooters, as well as fighting, wrestling and sports titles, there are other users that prefer quiet and demanding game in other areas, such as thinking and solving problems and puzzle titles being the greatest example of it.

When it comes to puzzle games that make player to think and solve different situations, these type of titles are the favorite for many and especially elders and adults who want to have a great time. Bookworm is a great example of a videogame of this type that is available on online game platforms, as well as other home and portables consoles and mobile devices.

Bookworm is a puzzle game that was released in 2003 for the Nintendo DS and developed by PopCap Games, being designed under the supervision of Jason Kapalka. In 2009 the game arrived to the DSIWare platform and online game sites under Adobe Flash, as well as including in the further years compatible versions with Windows, Mac, Nintendo Wii, iOS, Android, XBOX Live Arcade and other systems.

Knowing more about the Bookworm game

More deeply, Bookworm is word-based forming puzzle videogame that may also be considered a board game to the eye of a few, being inspired in the board family game Scrabble where every player has to come out with some words, from the few ones they have available and following the board.

Now, in Bookworm the purpose of the game is quite similar: to create some words but on a board that already providers the player with letters to put together the possible combination of such words to earn points. The longer the word the user earns more points, as well as using rarely common letters and strange or technical words.

As the majority of puzzle videogames Bookworm is a 2-D title with a board that is seen from the top, with at least seven columns of letters from the beginning that are shown using tiles. Unlike Scrabble, in Bookworm the player is able to choose the initial letter of the word to create and the direction to take to make such word, but letters or tiles must be connected at all times.

In the same way, Bookworm Alex as a character is always present in the game as a support option, since when it is used all the letters in the game get scrambled and therefore more possibility for word combinations are probable.

Different available game modes and features in Bookworm Adventures

There are different possibilities respecting Bookworm as a puzzle videogame. So, as main purpose the player must create words as long as possible to earn more points, but such words only can be made if tiles are connected in the logical path to make the phrase.

When the word is valid the game will tell the user how many points worth and will be removed, collapsing the remaining letters in the new available space on the grid. As the player advances in the game and through the different levels a few new options will be available, as well as the difficulty on every stage.

For example, as the user plays different levels glowing colored tiles will be appearing on the grid, and depending on such colors these tiles will perform distinctive actions in the game. First, red burning tiles are those letters that must be used as soon as possible in a valid word, since if such red tile reaches the bottom of the grid, the game will be over.

On the other hand, when green, sapphire, diamond or gold tiles appear in the game they mean bonuses for the player if they use such tiles to make specific longed words.

Respecting general game modes in Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures, there are the Classic mode and the Active mode, where the first is unlimited regarding time and the other is limited thanks to the use of red burning tiles. Although, Bookworm Adventures includes RPG elements being a completely new game that was released in 2006.

How to play Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures

To play Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures is very simple. In the online version of the game that can be played through internet browsers, the players only have to use the mouse and click to select the letters to make the words, as well as selecting the different options in the game, such as the modes and the glowing tiles.

Now, if the user is playing the game on other system it depends on their specific controls to play the title properly. Regarding mobile devices with touch screens such as Android and iOS tablets and smart phones, the game can be played by only tapping on the words to be selected to make the words, just like in the PC version and the selection with the click of the mouse.

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