Cookie Clicker: the incremental game you can play permanently

Online games are quite known at this point in time, being the preferred type of videogames for those who are on the go and want to enjoy classic or original titles through the internet browser, without needing anything to download or install as one of the first and ultimate benefits of this types of games.

Now, online games have also brought the possibility of enjoy other types of titles and categories that never were available before; incremental or idle games or a great example of this sub-types of products that can be played at present time, being the favorite for many people that want to have a great time on a work or trip break. Without any doubt, Cookie Clicker is one of the most known idle games out there.

Cookie Clicker is a flash game created and launched in 2013 by the French developer Julien Thiennot, who coded the title in a single evening. For his surprise, after the game was available in 4Chan through a web link that same day 50.000 played the game, and other 150.000 were enthusiastic the same weekend, becoming a massive success and becoming very addictive for many players.

Cookie Clicker achievements and purpose of the game

In details, Cookie Clicker is an incremental or idle game where the ultimate goal is the make cookies, as much as possible and fastest as the player is able to. The game starts with a giant cookie the player must click in order to produce another cookie, and if they click more a lot more cookies will be obtained.

Being an idle or incremental game, the most important goal of the title besides getting cookies is to be able to produce them without the permanent presence or playing of the user. For this, the player can purchase with cookies different building and upgrades to make as many cookies as possible, and then with the obtained cookies still buy some more building and upgrades, practically without end.

While the players unlock different upgrades and buildings different Cookie Clicker achievements will appear, depending on the number of cookies obtained and other goals that can involve billions of cookies and different levels in owned buildings.

On another part, graphically the game can be considered simple in terms of details and lacks of quality textures. However, the goal of the game differs from this and it only shows the number of cookies obtained to the left, the different purchased building in the center and the Store and the available buildings and upgrades available to the right.

Cookie Clicker upgrades, features and game modes

Incremental games as Cookie Clicker are designed to be played by the machine and not in a permanent active way by the players, since the action of making cookies manually soon become very ephemeral. Because of this, the Cookie Clicker upgrades and purchases are very important in the mechanics and physics of the game to maintain the player interested.

First, the upgrades and improvements has to do with the actions to carry out in the game and produce more cookies. For example, duplicate the efficiency of clicks and work on the buildings are possible with the upgrades, and these can be purchased several times as the game progresses, also increasing in cookie price considerably.

Besides the upgrades, the other important and relevant part of the game is the chance to purchase building to produce more cookies. At the beginning, the player can only make cookies manually by using the Cursor, but after having enough cookies is possible to buy Grandmas, Farms, Factories, Mines, Shipments, Alchemy Labs, Portals, Time Machines and the ultra-special Antimatter Condenser.

Continuing, all of these buildings produce cookies in their own way and can also be improved with upgrades, purchasing them as many times as possible. By the time the player is able to purchase the Portal, at least thousands of cookies are produced automatically without attention of the player.

Cookie Clicker hacked and how to play the game

Cookie Clicker is very simple to play, since the only action required is to click on the cookie at the left and then selecting the different upgrades and buildings, then for the title to be left alone and produce as many cookies as possible.

On another part, in different online game platforms is possible to find Cookie Clicker hack versions of the title, which already include different improvements, upgrades and buildings unlocked. However, the intention of the game is to start from the very low and progress very fast, since the game is almost limitless in terms of upgrades and the possible number of cookies to be obtained.

After the player reaches certain level and several billions of cookies are obtained and buildings and upgrades are unlocked, Cookie Clicker restarts itself and then shows the possibility to obtain Heavenly Chips and Prestige, which allow to purchase cookie dragons and other mini games are available to produce even more cookies, at a level that is very far away from the very start when the player must produce a cookie manually by clicking.

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