CSR Racing Super Cars

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How to play 3D LA Supercars

At the beginning of 3D LA Supercars, the home screen will only show the option to play, by giving you your car and the chance to select the level, although if it is the first time playing the title only level one will be unlocked. Like this, you select the level you want to play and click on “Play”.

When you are playing, the level show important information to keep in mind while you drive the car, such as “Damage” as the bar that show you the integrity of the car respecting crashes, “Distance” is the bar that indicates you the space between your car and the finish line, as well as the speed indicator.

In order to control the car, you just need to use the arrow keys in the keyboard and nothing else. So, “Up” will allow to accelerate the car, “Down” is the brake, as well as “Left” and “Right” are the keys to control the car and skip the obstacles in order to clear the level. So, there is no need for instructions in the game and the process to play is quite straightforward.


There is nothing like a great racing game to play when we have some time to spare, mostly when we are at the office and home and we want to take some time to have some fun. With 3D LA Supercars you will be able to have a great time, by driving powerful cars in different and challenging levels, allowing to make money on every race and obtain luxurious machines.

3D LA Supercars is a racing game, where the objective is to clear every level by skipping obstacles and other cars until you get to the finish line. At the beginning, maybe it may seems a little too easy to play and clear the first level, however, the other stages in the game show that the title can get quite difficult, but also making itself a lot more fun and challenging.

At the first race in level one you get a specific car, and after such level is cleared stage two is unlocked and the game will give a different and more powerful car to play, and so on in every level and increasing difficulty too.

Also, when you win a race you obtain money that you can spend on improvements for the vehicles, in order to make them faster, stronger, with more handling and braking.

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