.Io games have become the latest revolution in terms of online entertainment and videogames that are possible to be played using and internet browser on a computer, being MMOs or massive multiplayer online titles that involve great arenas and thousands of players who face each other at once, such as the game.

From that perspective is in fact the great success these .io games enjoy at present time, in comparison to the static titles offered online before their arrival in 2015 that really changed the world of online videogames and their possibilities for good, starting from the economic aspect of having a cheaper domain to hire (from that the .Io suffix that corresponds to British Island domain), to the great multiplayer and real-time response on these games.

Taking about, this a game created and released on November, 2016 and it was developed by Avor Games, Federico Mouse and Ouwi! At present time, the game can be played through internet browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and more, and the title also has proper installable versions for Windows and Windows 10 mobile, Android and iOS, too. Of course, all of these versions involve several types of controls and game modes.

The evolution tree and purpose of the game is an action multiplayer game that is available to play directly on internet browsers with the support of HTML5, having also proper versions on other operating systems. However, the online version of the game results in the most popular and with the highest number of players across the world, due to the possibility of enjoying the title directly without installing or downloading anything.

Continuing, the purpose of the game evolution tree is very simple: to pick a character or animal and start eating in the vast sea and all that it offers, from prey to mushrooms and different plants and smaller animals, the objective is to eat and grow remaining alive as much time as it can, since the evolution tree demands that all are prey and all are predators of others.

So, while the player look for something to eat like prey and plants they must be aware and cautious about predators that might be looking for them, in a very dangerous arena in the sea where everybody can eat and be eaten at some point. Fortunately, every animal on the sea available to be selected by the user has a special skill that can take advantage of and leave dangerous situations and places.

Characteristics of unblocked and animals

In terms of general features, is an action 2-D game with 3-D elements. However, the most remarkable characteristic of the title is the real-time multiplayer capability that allow thousands of users to get connected and face each other on arenas, which are possible to pick depending on the country and continent where the player lives in.

In terms of game modes, the title offers different choices like playing one-vs-one or all-vs-all, although the mechanics and physics in the game do not change despite the number of enemies to be aware of and kill. When a player gets eaten or killed it automatically appear alive and the game starts over, even including the experience points obtained until that moment.

Depending on the animal chose by the player there are different skills to be used, such as the shark is able to accelerate at the push of the action button, having the animals their proper and unique ability.

On another part, while there is available a standard version of the game with locked levels and animals as characters to select, there is another version known as unblocked with all the extra levels and characters unblocked, which can be found in online game platforms like Crazy Games, Mini Games and others. How to play and controls of the game

Depending on the different platforms where the game is available, the control method can change or vary. For example, in the online web-based version of keyboard and mouse are utilized at the same time. In details, the player have to guide the animal in the sea with the mouse to change directions, and to accelerate or swim faster they must use the up arrow key on the keyboard.

Nevertheless, in an obvious way this type of control changes on touch-based versions of the game, such as the ones available on Android and iOS. In this case, tapping and sliding are the movements to carry out on the compatible devices, in order to carry out the actions in the game. Either case the subjectivity of the player prevails on how they prefer to play and control the game and selected device.

Lastly, regarding technical and hardware requirements is not very demanding. Although, a high speed connection to the internet is much recommended, since the game is based on a real-time connectivity in order to exchange data and translate into the screen every event and movement the players carried out.


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