Dora Exploradora

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How to play Dora Candy Transport

In details, the purpose of the game is to take a certain number of candies from the beginning to the end of the road or level, by driving a car controlled by Dora the Explorer. At first, the game can look extremely easy to play but is not as simple as it looks, since the real challenge remains in the different levels and general conditions of the road.

When you start play, a number of candies is set to be delivered at the end of the road, so you need to wait for the exact number of candies to fall into the car. After the vehicle is filled with the candies, you can move the car forward with “Up” arrow key and backward with the “Down” arrow key, with no other type of control involved and making easy the game from that point of view.

However, the key in the game is to control the acceleration and braking of the car at all times, mostly when drops and climbs are ahead, since if the vehicle comes too fast with this conditions in the road it surely will crash or get upside down, making you lose a life of the three you have to complete the game.


Dora the Explorer is your friend in this new tasty adventure full of candy, where we will help her to accomplish a very important task to deliver delicious candies to everyone who need them. Like this, every child will have a tasty dessert after eating all vegetables at lunch and dinner, but only if they eat them all and leave empty plates to stay healthy by eating well.

In this adventure, we will help Dora to deliver the exact number of candy she needs to, by running a road with a nice and also powerful car, having such road irregular fields and levels that will become Dora´s and therefore our journey a little bit challenging, and therefore a lot more fun to travel and with an increasing difficulty in every level cleared.

Of course, with every level there is a different field that could be country, woods, cloudy and other characteristics, which affect the way the car travels the road and its irregular levels.

However, with patience and effort you can become the master of the road and make Dora a heron, by delivering every candy to every village where there are children that deserve them entirely.

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