Dragon Ball Z

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How to play Dragon Ball Z

You can play Dragon Ball Z easily, since you only have to move the character with the arrow keys in your keyboard. Now, in order to attack your opponent you can do many moves, starting by punching them by pressing “D”.

Of course, there are other types of attacks like kicking your opponent by pressing the letter “S”, although if you want to perform a kick in the air you can press “Space” to jump and then press “W” to do that air kick.

Also, like in the Dragon Ball Z series you can fly, so by pressing “F” you can toggle fly and by using arrow keys you can move while you are flying, the effect is temporary and ultimately you will be on the floor, requiring to press “F” to fly again, though.

And last but not least, in Dragon Ball Z you can do a special attack related to every character by just pressing “A”. Nevertheless, to do so you first have to charge yourself and power up enough to perform the special attack, and you can do it by pressing the letter “E”.


If you are looking to play one exciting game about Goku and his friends, with no doubt Dragon Ball Z is the title you have been waiting for, with amazing battles that include the most famous characters in the series like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, as well as the most infamous villains who challenged our Z fighters, such Android 18, Frieza and Cell.

So, Dragon Ball Z is a fighting game where you can punch, kick and attack your opponent, even by making the most advanced battle techniques made by our Z fighters. For example, Goku is able to make his Kamehameha, Vegeta can perform his amazing Galick Gun as his most known attacking technique, and Piccolo can do his Canon Blast that remembers Raditz´s defeating.

When you load the game a screen title appears, giving you the chance to choose your character out of three initial options: Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo, as well as choosing your enemy or villain, appearing Android 18, Cell and Frieza.

After choosing the characters to fight, you can select three options in relation to difficulty: Easy for a walk in the park, Medium for a serious challenge and Hard as a way to get killed! All there is left to do is click on Fight and the battle will begin!


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