Get on Top

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Get on Top Have the greatest fun playing it!

If you want to experience a fun and cool multiplayer game only requiring one keyboard, definitely the game Get on Top is the best option when it comes to fighting titles available on online web pages. Providing you the possibility to have the best time by fighting directly with your friend and offer a great challenge in the boxing ring and have the greatest match ever.

Get on Top is a famous online game released as a mobile title in 2012, by the hand of io. that experience great success in the following years, being available on every web online platform offer mobile titles. In fact, Get on Top is only the first of other two games of the same series called Get on Top 2 and Get on Top, following the same goal and physics but with improve graphics.

With Get on Top players have the opportunity to have a great time by playing friends in the same room and with the same keyboard, as an option that is only provided by a few online flash games. Also, the concept of the game can be considered quite unique and due to this approach Get on Top had a great success in the past on the online web pages offering it.

What is Get on Top unblocked?

In details, Get on Top is a fighting and wrestling game programmed and codec in Flash that can be executed through web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. In Get on Top the actual goal of the game is to get on the other player and submit it, just like it happens on real wrestling where strength and ability with arms and body balance is very important.

In the same way, there are two characters or fighters available on the game who fight on a boxing ring with a black background, where every opponent must use their strength and fighting skills to win the match, balancing the body weight on a proper way to misbalance the other player and make it hit the head against the floor.

Get on Top unblocked is a special version of the game with different levels and possibilities unlocked, such as better movements and other advantages that can help a lot in the game to win. For example, with Get on Top unblocked 66 levels are available in comparison to the regular version where the player must play and unlock every stage step by step.

Features and game modes in Get on Top online

In Get on Top 2 online the player can face other friend in a wrestling arena, where the goal is to make the opening hit the ground with the head to win the match. For every time one player makes the other to hit the floor a score will be earned. In this way, the player earning more points will win the match over the other.

Regarding game modes there is only one available in the title: facing the opponent on the wrestling arena and fight. In principle, body weight is the key thing in the game to win, since in this way the player can manage to have balance while trying the other player fall on the ground. So, going towards, backwards and upwards is possible in the game to win.

Animations and different graphics effects on the game are worthy of being considered, since in this way users can have a better entertaining experience that can be compared to an arcade, because of the interaction method of the two players in the title.

How to play and the controls in Get on Top 2

The way to play and the controls in Get on Top are very simple: you have to control the body of your fighter to misbalance the other opponent, by controlling the gravity center and push until they fall.

Every player will control their fighter by using the letters WASD and arrow keys on the keyboard, corresponding the first keys to the player on the left and the right keys to the player on the right, respectively. Therefore, it does not get necessary to have to keyboards or controls attach to the computer for two people to play in a comfort way.

Now, the key thing in the game is always maintain balance respecting the other player. For example, moving forward if the opponent is moving backwards to push and produce misbalance. Also, it possible to jump upwards and take advantage of the resultant impulse to make the other player fall on its head.

On the other hand, if you move too much on one direction there is a great chance you loss control and fall yourself to the ground, so the intention is to manage and control the strength and movements of the opponent and take advantage of it to produce the fall and win the game.

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