Ghosts N´ Goblins: A real retro challenge online

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If you are looking for a real challenge when it comes to online retro games, with no doubt Ghost N´ Goblins is the best option in terms of difficulty, fun and different experiences due to the extensive levels included. In fact, this title was chosen as one of the most difficult games ever released in the Nintendo NES back in 1986.

In details, Ghost N´ Goblins is an arcade game that was released in 1985 for public machines, as a title with a dark approach and a history that involves demonic and evil beings, as well as an outstanding difficulty that back in the day was considered as an adult experience.

In 1986, Capcom decided to port the game directly from arcade machines to home consoles and computers, such as NES from Nintendo, Atari ST, Commodore 16 and ZX Spectrum, among other systems and adaptations of the game that were carried out in later years, involving portable devices like Game Boy, Playstation 1 and Wii through Virtual Console.

Features of Ultimate Ghosts N´ Goblins and other related releases

Due to its great success back in the day, Ghosts N´ Goblins had three direct sequels: Ghouls N´ Goblins in first instance that was released in 1988, Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts in 1991 released on the SNES and Ultimate Ghosts N´ Goblins for the portable console PSP by Sony, being the first title of the franchise designed to take advantage of 3-D graphics more than 2-D platform-based.

These three games enjoy of more or less the same design and features in comparison to the original Ghosts N´ Goblins, as well as goals, gaming experience and physics. In details, Ghosts N´ Goblins is a side-scrolling platform videogame that put us on Sir Arthur´s skin; a brave knight who must make his with in evil and demonic stages to saves his kidnapped princess.

To do so, being Sir Arthur we must killed every possible creature that block our way from the goal of saving the princess, by using weapons like spires, axes, daggers, torches and other arms to kill from zombies and vampires to witches, basilisks and threatening bosses at the end of every stage.

In Ghosts N´ Goblins you explore every stage in 2-D graphics, controlling Sir Arthur from left to right in dark and evil places from where enemies come from every corner, which must be killed to open way through.

What the player must do in Ghosts N´ Goblins platforms

As it was said before, in Ghosts N´ Goblins platforms we must open our way through every stage between zombies, witches, monsters and other creatures to save the princess in the skin of Sir Arthur. However, things are not going to be easy in any way since these evil beings from hell will come from every corner.

Sir Arthur will start every level with three available lives to spare. Every life is lost when an enemy attack you and Sir Arthur loses his knight’s armor and leave him in underpants. In this way, if another creature damage him he will die instantly and survive in the same place only if there are other lives remaining.

At some points in the game the player can loss lives instantly regardless of having the night armor or not, and along every stage Sir Arthur can get special weapons and abilities that make easier to clear such stage.

Along with the spire, dagger, torch and axe as regular weapons Sir Arthur can carry, there is also the Shield or Crucifix that turns out to be the only weapon capable of defeating the final boss in the last stage called Astaroth´s Throne Room. Other six stages must be completed: Cemetery and Woods, Ice Palace and Abandoned Town, The Caves, The Bridge of Fire and Inferior and Superior Castle.

How to play Ghosts N´ Goblins: Gold Nights

Back in the day when Ghosts N´ Goblins appeared on the arcades, controls of the game were very straightforward with the stick that moved the character, along with the action buttons. Then, when the title was available in machines like Nintendo NES and other systems based on actual controllers, players were able to control Sir Arthur by using the directional pad and A and B action buttons.

Respecting online game platforms users can play Ghosts N´ Goblins by utilizing the keyboard, taking advantage of W, A, S, and D keys, arrow keys and spacebar to control Sir Arthur. In Some cases it is possible to customize the keyboard buttons for better experience, as well as having compatibility with USB controllers to have a more console experience and physics.

One important consideration about the way of playing Ghosts N´ Goblins: Gold Nights is that when you finish the seven stages and kill Astaroth, at that specific moment you do not complete the game at all, returning the player to the first stage with an increased difficulty where they must walk through the rest of stages, and only then the player would complete the game and rescue the princess.

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