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Platform games are of the most frequent titles we can find in online game websites, whether they are original software created by independent developers, as well as others that result on being direct ports from successful titles that were released in first instance for arcade or home consoles decades back. Give up Robot is a game that belong to the independent and original type of software available in online game platforms.

In a simple way, Give up Robot is a platform game that was released in 2010, being created by Matt Thorson and completely programmed and coded to function under Flash environment, giving users the opportunity to play the game directly from internet browsers like Chrome and Mozilla, among other options.

After its release the game was a success and because of this Give up Robot was bought by the company Adult Swim Games, an internet company focused on online games that purchased the rights to use and offer the game exclusively on their web pages and associated blogs. Although, Give up Robot game is available on plenty of online game platforms for users to enjoy it.

Characters and description of Give up Robot

In details, Give up Robot is a platform game in the whole sense of the word with different stages and levels available to be clear, by controlling a sympathetic robot that has the ability to jump, move around and even swing between walls and different obstacles to overcome ever level. There are more than 25 level in total with more difficulty whereas the player gets through them.

In terms of graphics, the game is very colorful and offers a 2-D design with side-scrolling where obstacles and different levels are shown while the player moves around. Specifically, every level has a black background and obstacles and platform are made of little colored blocks that are blue, yellow, red, green, purple and yellow, among other tones.

Regarding characters, there is only one on the game that is the little robot the player must control to overcome every stage. This game is considered a difficult title that demand all the attention of the user to be cleared, since there must specific calculation in terms of swings and jumps to overcome the obstacles and voids that are present on every level.

Features and game modes in Give up Robot 2

The objective of the game is to get through every level and related obstacles by jumping and swinging the robot with the help of an adjustable string, which is mandatory on every stage to overcome the high and difficult obstacles that appear while the player progress in the game. Because of this Give up Robot and Give up Robot 2 are considered difficult titles, fun though.

Respecting games modes there is only one along with the different options where the player can control settings in terms of sounds and difficulty. Like this, when the user wants to play it is very easy to start playing and it does not require any additional download or software installation, since it can be loaded directly using the internet browser and Adobe Flash technology.

Being a platform game the title was inspired on arcade games from decades back that were also released for home consoles and personal PCs, such as Atari, NES and DOS, among other systems. In terms of sounds and music Give up Robot offers a great experience in terms of effects and the theme song of the title is very catchy to hear, just as any videogame with original soundtrack.

Controls and how to play Give up Robot

Being a flash game the main control of the title is the keyboard of the computer running the game. Specifically, to control the robot in terms of moving around from left to right and jump you can use the arrow keys, while the action buttons correspond to A and Z  that allow the player to throw the swing cord to move around over the obstacle on the air to pass through the level faster.

In some cases and depending on the browser and game version it is possible to use a joystick or D-pad to control the robot, offering a more satisfying experience for many users that prefer this type of control in direct comparison to the keyboard options. Nonetheless, the game is not possible to be played on touch screens even if mobile devices having those panels are compatible with Flash content.

On the other hand, requirements of Give up Robot and Give up Robot 2 as online games are quite minimum by today standards. Although, it is always recommended to play the game using updated internet browsers and computers with multicore processors and recent hardware to guarantee the best experience, high and stable frame rates and the best graphic quality of the game.


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