Green Beret online Be a soldier by playing it!

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Military games have been available since the invention of the arcade, being of the most popular titles in the scene that later were port into home consoles and personal computers. One of these games was Green Beret; a videogame that was better known with another name in America, but keeping that title in the machines placed on Europe and Japan.

Specifically, Green Beret or also known as Rush ´n Attack in the United States is an action and military game, which was released in 1985 by Konami for arcade machines, such as Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC, as well as for home consoles like the Atari 8 bit, DOS for Microsoft OS and for the NES by Nintendo.

The change in the name probably had to do with the fact that “green Berets” are the way Military Forces of the United States are known as a nickname, so the American version of the title was changed into Rush ´n Attack as a phonetic game between the word “rush” and how it sounds linked with “´n”, making it sounds like “Russians” and making reference to the Cold War carried out in those years.

Details about Green Beret or Rush ´n Attack

Thoroughly, Green Beret is an action, run and gun, platform with other elements type of game, combining a 2-D scrolling and side view with physics and gameplay experience from other existing categories of games. Also, such title has to be considered military since all the action and plot of the game has to do with war, military tactics and contact with materiel.

When players enjoy this title they will be in the skin of a loyal green beret, who is demanded to complete the mission of infiltrating an enemy facility at the other side of the world, in order to release prisoners that are being held as hostages. To achieve this goal, the Green Beret will have to make his way through the facility between obstacles and soldiers, with the help of weapons and inventiveness.

On another part, Green Beret has been considered a difficult game to clear since its release in 1985, since the encountered weapons have very limited ammo and the permanent arm is just a war knife. As a curious fact, the NES version of the game changed its purpose and the Green Beret has the mission to disable a bomb.

Features and game modes of Green Beret Music

In order to clear and explore every level to achieve the goal of the game and rescue the hostages, you should lead the Green Beret music into different scenarios and beat the different enemies and bosses that appear.

In details, there are four levels that must be cleared by the player and that are connected to each other through vertical ladders. Inside these levels the gameplay and events related to the game are carried out; Missile Base is the first stage and beginning level of the game where you can familiarize with the control and mechanics of the title.

The next level corresponds to the Harbor, then comes the Bridge and lastly it appears the Prison Camp from where you should get out the prisoners that are held as hostages by the hostiles. Being considered a difficult game to clear, the use of the vertical ladders is critical when the player gets outnumbered by the enemy, since like this the Green Beret can jump from level to the other and leave risky situations.

Green Beret or also known as Rush ´n Attack offers a two player mode where two friends can play at the same time and face the threats each other, resulting in an easier way to clear every level in direct comparison where only one player starts the adventure. Another way to simplify the game is by picking up the best weapons and leave them for more lethal enemies.

How to play Green Beret on web game platforms

Respecting how to play the game and the controls, Green Beret can be played by using a keyboard when it is executed from a web game platform through an updated browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari and others. Although, in some cases it is required to download a plugin or software related to Flash Player or any other specific resource.

Frequently, regarding control the user is able to use the arrow keys of the keyboard to lead the character on the screen from left to right, as well as jumping and moving through the ladders. Also, action buttons may correspond to the space bar and WASD keys to perform the different actions in the game like shoot, picking up weapons and others.

Depending on the version of the game, the specific plugin and web browser it is possible to provide compatibility with different physical controllers with D-pads, such as the ones on home console versions like the NES.

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