Play Happy Wheels unblocked game completely online

If you are looking for to play a fun and quite violently graphic game to enjoy some spare time you are in for a treat, with a title that is much known and counts with a very extensive community of users across the world, due to the possibilities of including content like stages and functions to the game directly from the fans to the fans by using open servers.

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Happy Wheels was created by the videogame designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, released and developed by Fancy Force as a completely mobile game that is compatible in the form an app for iOS and Android operating system, as well as an online title that can be played through web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and other updated and modern internet browsers.

With eight years on the market Happy Wheels unblocked game is a very known title with a great community of users, who can design and introduce new and insanely easy or difficult levels into the game, thanks to the stage building module that is available on the full version of the game where such levels are designed and saved onto the game by using proper storage structure.

Total JerkFace, Happy Wheels full game available

Specifically, Happy Wheels is an online and mobile game based on ragdoll physics with other elements like platform and side-scrolling features, where the player must control one character and avoid all obstacles that appear on the way to get to the goal. Also, the player is able to perform different stunts and tricks on the vehicle while crossing the stage to obtain more points at the end.

Also, in the online game platform that is available online called Total JerkFace, Happy Wheels full game can be played, providing other advantages to the player in terms of game modes and other features in comparison to the demo version that is offered in other platforms online.

One of these game modes is the level building module where players can create and upload to the game different levels with varied difficulty and other elements, having other players across the world the opportunity to play on the stage created by other player. For example, it is possible to add distinctive elements and tasks on the levels, as well as harming obstacles.

On another part, Happy Wheels is considered a game for adults due to the graphic violence present in the title, where characters or possible to be decapitated or beheaded, amputated, ragged and killed by the obstacles and hits on the road, although this also have been a key element for the general success of the game on mobile platforms and systems where is available.

Available characters and their characteristics in Happy Wheels

According to the different characters available on the game, the user is able to perform distinctive stunts, tricks and ways to control them while they are crossing the road at every level. Also, every character drives a different vehicle as the one that provides the effects and differential elements in comparison to the other.

For example, there is the Pogostick Man who jumps on a pogostick and avoid the different obstacle by using it. Irresponsible Mom and Irresponsible Dad drive bicycles that can reach a very high speed, and the Wheelchair guy looks like a sick man who uses his wheelchair as a vehicle to move around the corresponding level.

Other available characters in the game are Lawnmower Man, Segway Guy, Helicopter Man, Effective Shopper, Mopped Couple, Explorer, Santa Claus, Business Guy and others that can be unlocked in the full version of the game or by some achievements.

How to play Happy Wheels and different requirements

When it comes to control and how to play Happy Wheels on the different online game platforms and websites, it results very simple by using the keyboard of the computer: arrow keys control the vehicle to the right or to the left, as well as the space bar is turbo to take higher speed respecting the obstacles and the road.

On the other hand, since Happy Wheels is a game available for Android and iOS in the form of app where most devices are touch-based, in this case physical buttons are substituted by touches on the screen that tell the game how to move the car. Also, it is possible to include virtual buttons to perform the actions to control the vehicle and clear every level.

In terms of requirements, Happy Wheels is a game that takes advantage of accelerated graphics that translate better performance for dedicated graphic cards, in order to achieve high and stable frame rates. Also, it is recommended to use an updated version of the browser of choice, a multicore processor and enough RAM.

In some cases an Adobe Flash download may be required to play Happy Wheels and provide the best experience, as well as proper plugins that are needed for graphics and physics effects. So, if the game demands some resource of this type the user must install it to offer the best gaming experience.

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