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Online games are considered one of the best ways to enjoy videogames through the internet, since like this people can enjoy plenty of title that are classic or retro from old consoles and personal computers, as well as other completely original and unique for these type on web-based game platforms, being the most recent revolution respecting this type of titles the .io games.

Now, to explain in better words what .io games are we should first know what online games are about in general, since the first term may be considered a category of the second one called. In definition, online games are entertainment software or videogames that are programed or coded to run under Adobe Flash, as the multimedia platform that acts as framework for internet browsers to be compatible.

In this way, online games can be played without any download or additional resource by the player and directly on the browser of choice, from Chrome and Mozilla to Opera and Safari. Respecting control, depending on the category of the game that could start from racing to fighting and sport and adventures or FPS, every title can be controlled using the keyboard, mouse or a combination of both.

What are .io games and what are they about?

Now that we know the concept of online games in general that are based on Flash, we can explain the definition of a concept that has been around for quite a while; we are talking about the .io games. Specifically, the .io games are the type of titles that and with this domain because of financial matters that are quite related.

To put it simple, the ”.io” domain is a suffix that started to be used in the year of 2015 with the intention to reduce costs on domain expenses, literally from thousands of dollars to nearly 30 dollars per year on the server and domain that is required by every game. The .io domain is related to the British Islands and in this territory such domain has that low costs.

The first .io game ever released was launched on 2015 by the game developer Matheus Valadares from Brazil, which was called Agar.io and included on a 4chan forum. Quickly the title became very successful and with millions of users across the world, offering quite impressive functions such an online global multiplayer and the possibility to progress in the game by directly killing other players.

Thanks to this success and influence other developers in the general and online game scenes started to launch other online titles with those specific characteristics named before, as well as the .io domain for less expensive investment in the technical aspects and the protocols of the game that must be included for it to work properly and offer online playability.

From that time on .io games started to be quite known and played by the people and users on web-based online game platforms, thanks to the different advantages these titles have, respecting real time multiplayer and others.



Different characteristics of all .io games

Continuing, there are different characteristics and features all .io games must have to be considered titles that are possible to be included in this specific category. These concrete characteristics are:

  • .io games comes in a variety of genres that may include first person shooters and platform titles to fighting and sports games. Nevertheless, these type of games must offer real time multiplayer connectivity, since players and users progress on their games by eating or killing the others, having and active and entertainment approach.
  • Because of the online and multiplayer approach of .io games, all of these titles and levels included are considered worldwide arenas where players fight each other, which can be classified between different specific areas, cities, countries and continents.
  • In terms of technical design and software .io games are programmed on HTML5, in comparison to regular online games that are designed under Adobe Flash, since the technologies required on .io titles are more advanced in terms of the real time connectivity.
  • Competitiveness is a key factor on .io games in comparison to regular flash online games, where players compete directly and even kill directly other characters to progress on the title. In this way, this type of online titles are better for those who like to face other players around the world, not being so interested on story modes.

Best .io games out there

Up to this day there are quite known .io games available for users to play on different online game platforms. For example, Slither.io, Diep.io, Womax.io, Surviv.io, Zomb Royale.io and a lot more that can be found and played.

On the other hand, Little Big Snake.io, Krunker.io and other games that are known also have mobile version with touch base compatibility for smartphones and tablets with Android, although most players prefer a physical control to play the titles like keyboard, mouse and joysticks with D-pads.

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