Mickey Mouse Robot Lab

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How to play Mickey Mouse Robot

Unlike other games, you will not need to use the keyboard to play at Mickey Mouse Robot, only requiring the mouse and to click on the buttons you want. First of all, in the game there is the robot factory where you can build, save and use robots you create while you play, including 8 stages or sections with distinct purposes.

For example, sections from 1 to 5 belong to the assembly stage of the robot, starting from legs, body, head, arms and funny parts, respectively. Then, section 6 refers to robot laboratory where you can test your new built robot, section 7 is the battlefield where you will face other robots and section 8 is the warehouse; the place where you can save and pick different created robots.

Playing the game while building the robot is simple, by just following the red arrows in the direction you want. Now, to go into battle you can click on the button “To Battle” in the robot laboratory. Like this, you can fight with other robots by clicking the buttons “Left Punch” and “Right Punch”, protect yourself with “Guard” and move with the red arrow “Left” or “Right”.


In the game Mickey Mouse Robot you will count on with the most famous mouse in the world, and with his help you will be able to have great adventures with an advanced and completely customizable robot, allowing you to fight with other androids and claim the throne as the most powerful of all, being possible only with your help and Mickey´s too.

In details, Mickey Mouse Robot is a fighting game where you can build your own robot, from top to bottom and choosing the parts you like. For example, you can pick legs, body, head, and arms and even include some funny stuffs to make the robot a little more colorful and amusing, like adding hats, tools and other things to have a funnier friend to fight with.

When the robot is completed, the only thing left is to is going to the warehouse to practice a little bit, being also the place from where you can go back at any time and change anything you like to the robot, in case you want to change its style, colors, parts and more. After that, you can face other robots outside and establish yourself as the most powerful of them all!

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