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When it comes to online games, the .io types of titles available are the most searched by players and users, who take advantage of different internet platforms to play these games using the browser of choice, enjoying as well real-time multiplayer and competition with real players on worldwide arenas. One of these amazing games is the one that is known as is a building and crafting game with action elements that was released and published by Yendis Inc. in March of 2017, being at the same time developed by Sidney de Vries and follow the success of .io titles that started the two years ago before its launch. Since, .io games use this domain or prefix to become cheaper to sustain and be able to offer advantages and features to players, such as real-time online multiplayer and global competition.

However, brought a different type of game to this sort of titles by focusing on building and crafting, becoming practically the first one belonging to these categories respecting .io titles. In this way, Moomoo would become the most successful game on its class and competing with other established .io games that were released at least a year before in direct comparison.

More about the game and its end goal

Specifically, is a title that can be considered a combination of many genres in one game. For example, there are implicit strategy and action features, as well as building and crafting that allow the player to create their own environment and world. This combination of several purposes and characteristics in the game keep players quite entertained, in comparison to other titles.

Now, in the game the ultimate goal is to build a proper village and suitable space where resources are invested. To achieve this, such resources must be found and crafted to become what the player needs. In the same way, plenty of actions in the game mean gold that can also be spent on buying resources to build and maintain the village.

After such village is built with resources obtained by stone and wood to raise up wall and windmills that provide gold, this is when it comes the action part of the game; the player must protect their village at all cost from other players who want to steal resources and invade the space, being the player’s job to protect the property from hostiles.

In terms of graphics, design and layout game is a 2-D title with 3-D elements that can be seen from the top, always showing the main character at the center of the events on the field. Of course, such characters counts with a limited life and can die from attacks, although they can be cured by eating fruits and vegetables. Sanbox and unblocked game modes

There are different game modes available in and these have different characteristics, although the same goal of building, crafting and take care of the village and the character remain the same.

First, there is the traditional starting game mode in the game where the player started from the ground up, beginning to build their villages by starting exploring, obtaining and crafting the first resources.

On the other hand, there is the Sandbox mode where all the players are put near on a common arena to kill each other and protect certain boundaries, with plenty of wood and stone to build forts and more. In this case, the villages are not included and the arena is almost limitless.

There is another version of the game that offers users the possibility to play with certain levels and arenas unlocked, as well as starting with plenty of resources to build villages faster and become strong in a short notice. To do so, players just have the find the unblocked version that is available on different online game platforms.

Controls and technical requirements respecting hack

Since is a game that combines elements of strategy, action, crafting and building, the related controls in the online version that can be player through internet browsers are a little more complex in comparison to other online .io games.

For instance, the player can move the character using the WASD letters in the keyboard while the point of view can be changed with the mouse. To perform an attack or hit to resources and other players it can be done by pressing right click on the mouse or space bar. In order to obtain different elements by crafting elements the numbers from 0 to 9 on the keyboard are used.

On the other hand, regarding technical requirements of the game these are not quite demanding, although a multicore processor and at least 2 gigabits of RAM are recommended, as well as permanent and stable high speed internet connection.

For those players who want to obtain resources faster, there is a hack version of the title that offers plenty of gold and crafted stone and wood to make villages, although in some cases these version do not work in terms or real-time multiplayers or users may get banned.

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