Eating the food chain up in Mope io

Online game platforms on the internet have plenty of different genres and offers to the users, from action to puzzle titles and others that can be played even with advanced real-time multiplayer options. In fact, these massive multiplayer online games are of the most popular along with .io titles because of the amazing capabilities and functions, being a great example the Mope io online multiplayer game.

In definition, Mope io is a survival game where players are in the skin of a little and cute animal, who has to be aware of being fed and also not become the dinner of larger animals in the map, which could be from grass and desert to the sea and jungles.

This concept of survival game introduced with Mope io was released in 2017, becoming rapidly a success since it is not possible to play the game offline and being the other characters in the game actual players looking for to survive by eating and drinking water. The game is also available for Android and iOS devices with an online mode, although this one is not available on the online web version.

By the time of its launch in 2017 Mope io was directly considered and compared with the game, with similar gameplay and purposes. Nevertheless, both titles also have quite relevant differences, whether in visual and technical aspects as well as regarding game modes and other matters.

Purpose and details of the game

Specifically, the intention on is to maintain the survival as a little animal that start being every player: chicken, chipmunk, mouse or bird, as the one that must be fed by mushrooms, plants and other food on the area, as well as water.

However, the key thing in the game is to stay alive respecting the food chain that is implied on every arena. In simple words, larger animals are able to eat small animals. So if the player is a little chipmunk is possible that it is at risk near big birds like Hawkeyes and falcons.

Also, when the player is at level 1 they are able to eat smaller animals and other food to grow faster, but always trying to escape from the different predators. If the users maintain alive for enough time they will evolve on larger animal with greater skills.

Depending on the animal selected they have plenty of unique abilities. For instance, dragons and birds can fly and escape from earth predators, while penguin can walk on ice and pigs are able to slide in mud. Such unique abilities are critical for the survival of every player on the arena.

Mope,io: characteristics and different game modes available

Continuing, Mope,io is a 2-D game with 3-D elements that offers a view from the top where all players around can be seen, showing the main user always at the center of the screen. Now, on every arena predators and prey are equally placed and it is their job to avoid getting eaten, as well as to get as much food and preys as possible.


In order to differentiate prey from predators, every player is surrounded with a colored circle; animal that have a green circle around them are the prey of the player, while larger animals having the red circle around them are the species that can eat you up with no mercy. Therefore, is all about a game where you get to be persecuted and be the persecutor at some point.

In terms of game modes, the title is very straightforward and it only required the name of the user to start playing in most online game platforms, starting it at once with the survival and searching for food and water. So, there is only one game mode available, although for the offline version for Android, iOS and other operating systems internet connection is not required.

Requirements and controls of the game

Despites of being an online 2-D game, requires some type of hardware to run smoothly on PC and Mac. For example, a dedicated graphics card is recommended as well as a multi-core CPU from recent architecture. Updated internet browsers are a must regardless if Chrome, Mozilla, Edge or Safari are the main choice of the users.

Of course, the game can be executed using less resources than the mentioned previously, but the experience can be affected on low frame rates or hiccups every now and then, influencing playability as well since with lag the screen and game will respond late to the use of the cursor as control, due to the forced and low end hardware.

Lastly, in terms of control can be played by only using the mouse and the guide for the little animal character on the screen to move around, not requiring at any moment the use of the keyboard or any other type of controllers. Respecing the touch versions of the game for iOS and Android, the character can be controlled using the tabs and slides on the panel.



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