Moto x3m

Moto x3m: ride a bike on amazing 22 different levels

Sports games are of the most popular genres in online games to play, since without downloading or installing anything we can enjoy of different games by using the keyboard and mouse, as well as joysticks and D-pads in many occasions. Now, sports titles have different subgenres of games depending on their nature, being some of them considered racing or biking options like Moto x3m.

To begin with, Moto x3m is a racing and biking online game that was released in 2016, first on as a mobile title compatible with iOS and Android in the form of an app, as well as an online game that is possible to be played on internet browsers through the internet, thanks to technologies like Flash and HTML5. Moto x3m was available to play on online browsers short time after it did on mobile operating systems.

Soon after its release on the different platforms available Moto x3m became a great success for adults and kids who wanted to have fun on spare times or break in work and studies, as well as being on public transportation or any other available time. Now, the game is available in several online game platforms with thousands of players every day.

Online game platform Cool Math Moto x3m

Moto x3m is a sports and racing game that can also be considered a platform title, since its 2-D graphics design and general layout are quite suitable with that definition, as well as main purpose of the game of following and getting the character to a specific goal or finish line.

So, the purpose of the player is to get the character that rides a bike to the finish line in the less time possible. However, on the road will appear different obstacles and also distinctive type of levels on itself and stages that the player will have to surpass in order to get to the finish line.

For example, elevators, wheels, holes and others are the obstacles that will stop the player from getting the goal in the ideal time. Now, for this the suitable and right driving of the bike is imperative, since depending on the conditions of the road the bike must be accelerated, stopped and tilted towards or backwards.

In case of bad driving or too much tilt or acceleration the player will crash and the level will be restarted. On other hand, in terms of graphics the game has a cartoonish feel and it results very colorful and vivid, with plenty of details on the objects and the tracks of every level. There are 22 levels in total to succeed the game, and it is available on the game platform Cool Math Moto x3n.

Moto x3m winter: different features and game modes

There are up to 22 levels to succeed in Moto x3m winter, having all of them different obstacles and barriers to stop the player from getting to the finish line. In the same way, after a stage is cleared the game will show the score or ranking, and depending on those the performance will be put into three different levels, taking into account seconds to finish the stage, stunts and more.

In terms of game modes, Moto x3m offers the standard mode where 22 levels are available. However, there are version of the game known as unblocked, which in this case will be Moto x3m unblocked that are possible to include extra levels and other game modes, such as multiplayer online and local.

The player can always repeat every level regardless if has been cleared before, in order to improve the general score in stunts and less time succeeding the stage, which is applicable to the whole 22 worlds available.

How to play Moto x3m, controls and more about Moto x3m 2

To play Moto x3m in online game platforms is very simple since the player can use the keyboard. There are only three actions the user can perform on the game: accelerating with the up arrow key, as well as tilt the bike forward with the right arrow key and tilt backward with the left arrow key.

In this way, the player is able to control the bike and put it in the best position to avoid and surpass obstacles. On other hand, Moto x3m as a game that is also available for touch devices like smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS systems, in this type of handhelds controls are touch-based and are perform by tapping and sliding on the screen to accelerate and tilt the bike.

On another part, after a while the first version of the game was released in 2017, a new title called Moto x3m 2 was known and very similar to the previous version, although this one incorporated new stages and more advanced graphics, although the purpose , mechanics and physics of the game resulted almost identical.

On short notice this second game became also a great success in online game platforms, such as Cool Math and Mini Games, among many others.

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