Playing Naruto Arena Battle completely online

At present time, there are plenty of videogames based on the Japanese anime Naruto in plenty of consoles and systems, from Playstation 2 to Xbox One and PC, where the player can have adventures in Naruto´s skin and many other characters available. Now, while most of this games are fighting titles because of the nature of Naruto and the anime, there is one strategy game called Naruto Arena, Naruto Battle.

In details, Naruto Arena is the first strategy game related with Naruto and the characters showed in the anime series, since most of these titles were about fighting and the use of techniques on behalf of the combatants. The game was created and uploaded in 2006 and it was meant to be played completely online through the use of internet browsers.

Being available for almost 12 years now Naruto Arena is the first choice respecting this anime for online worldwide multiplayer game, with millions of players that are able to face each other by strategically fight and level up, with country ladders that show the different users and their achievements and actual level.

Naruto Arena: description and characters in the game

In simple words, Naruto Arena is a strategy online game based on the Anime Naruto. While the game face two opponents every time fighting is not direct between two characters that throw attack to each other, but it is more like strategic battles where every players choose and throw attacks in a certain period of time, while the other awaits their turn.

The player who manage to kill the three opponents of the rivals get to win the match, by dropping the totality of HP points that conform the life of every character. While attacks and defenses are very important in the game, the selection of character to fight together it is also very influential in the goal of every match, due to the active and passive abilities of the fighters available that are more than 100.

For example, players can get to choose characters between Naruto, Neji or Kin, as well as Saske or Rock Lee. Haruno Sakura, Tenten, Temari, Haku y Rin are just other few characters that are available from the beginning of the game. However, whereas the player keeps on fulfilling missions other unlockable characters will appear, such as Shigure, Tayuya and Umino Iruka.

Game modes and features and Naruto countries

Naruto Arena is first of all and online strategy game, and to be able play on it users need to have a proper account and password as credentials that allow accessing the game. Also, every player can add their proper picture or photo to include in their personal avatar, design a profile card and select a specific clan.

For being an online game Naruto Arena is a game with plenty of game modes that can be played by the user from the beginning. For example, there are the ladders as the Naruto countries ranks that show players around the world and their levels. Also, Missions are those specific task the player must achieve to increase proper level.

In fact, the title offers the possibility to enjoy a game mode called Private Game, in which users can challenge some friends from their own clans to have a personal fight and measure abilities. After selecting any mode but Missions the game will start searching for an opponent online from the IP available at that specific moment.

Respecting graphics and music in the game, Naruto Arena can be considered a 2-D title with 3-D elements that are shown in the battles, although these are not represented like in a classic fighting game since only life or HP points left, characters, attacks and powers available. Also, depending on the level players are known specifically by a name, starting from academy student on level 1-5 to Hokage for level 50.

How to play Naruto Arena

When we play Naruto Arena and fighting other players we are in the duel arena, where different elements users are shown and can interact with, by taking advantage of the mouse and clicking to select different options.

To begin with, there is the turn time period where the player is able to perform attacks while the other awaits, and if this time period is over the player loses their chance to attack. Continuing, it is possible for every character to perform up to four attack powers: Taijutsu, Bloodline, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, requiring specific types and quantities of Jutsu represented in a bar to perform suck powerful attacks.

Finally, every character is shown with his or her life or HP points, powers, information about the rival, team of the rival and own team to switch between characters. On another part, controls cannot be any simpler since the game only requires the use of the mouse and proper clicks.

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