Raiden Space Ship

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Raiden Space Ship Space Ship


Raiden Space Ship was released in 1990. Your objective is to shoot at enemy ships. Spectacular spaceship game in which you cannot stop even a single second if you do not want to end up being part of the cosmic dust.


Whatís the game about?


Raiden Space Ship is composed of vertical scrolling missions where the player makes evasi maneuvers and destroy enemy robots, buildings, and aircraft and ground targets. There are bombs and missile enhancers as well as collection medals that add up to the score. When the player dies, fragments of the hunt become bullets that damage enemies.

Today the genre of shooters overhead view is not fashionable. It is no longer common to see players controlling ships seen from above, firing at waves of enemies and evading shots. Those golden years of the arcade halls were accompanied by classics such as Capcom and 19XX series Raiden Space Ship.

The series in the beginning was very inspired by games like Fire Shark 1942, but managed to create their own identity and expand his legacy in several titles and sequels that today are considered the best in the shoot’em up ships.

Raiden Space Ship, the origin of the series

You control your ship on planet Earth in the first missions to confront the invading alien forces. Later you can go into space and try to destroy the mothership of Crassanian Empire forces. The first game has all the elements that will become classic in the sequels special powers, attack patterns and endless waves of units that try to make you lose your life in a few seconds.

Raiden Space Ship II

The survivors of the Crassanian Empire return to create chaos and destruction. The second game in the series has major improvements in graphics and sound, special rays and powers of our ship are varied and have to learn to master each style of attack to defeat the bosses and countless armies of alien forces.

Raiden Space Ship III

We had to wait almost 11 years for a direct sequel to Raiden Space Ship II. In between were games like the sub-series Raiden Space Ship Fighters but the real Raiden Space Ship III was released in arcade halls in Japan and for PlayStation and computers with Windows.

The technical level is very high and take advantage of new technologies to generate a colourful graphic section, loaded with visual effects, explosions and a design of futuristic ships and scenarios that shows the limitations of the beginning of the saga.

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