Rooftop Sniper

Have some fun with your friend playing Rooftop Sniper

There are plenty of genres available when it comes to online game platforms, from puzzle titles to others that can involve 3-D graphics, the use of D-pads and other physical control in comparison to mouse and keyboards, among many different options. Also, local multiplayer games are available where two users can face each other by using the same device and keyboard.

For instance, Rooftop Sniper is one of these example where two players can play and face each other at the same time, as a fighting, action and shooting game created a few years ago that is available to play online through the use of internet browsers, having also compatible versions in form of apps for iOS and Android as main mobile operating systems globally.

Rooftop Snipers follows the lead in terms of the new design for online games available at present time, with cartoonish design for graphics and fun mechanics respecting movements to keep the player entertained, as well as the possibility to play with a friend right directly in the same machine, as it was previously mentioned on the last paragraph.

Main details about Rooftop Sniper unblocked

Specifically, Rooftop Sniper is a shooting and action online game that involves fighting elements, where players face each other using different weapons and guns to beat the contestant. Continuing, the two players fight the battle usually on the top of a facility like a factory, big house, establishment or a simple roof that have nothing but fall on both right and left sides.

So, if a player manages to make the other player fall off from the edges of the roof will be the winner. This is done by shooting to the opponent with different weapons like guns, machine guns, axes and even laser guns, all having the same purpose of getting the other opponent out of the roof through the free-fall edges.

Every time a contestant manages to make the other fall a point will be given, where they can play up to ten matches and win the match the players having the most points. In terms of graphics, Rooftop Sniper is a 2-D game with a cartoonish look and feel, a very colorful game and with different characters and elements. However, unreal mechanics and movements are distinctive marks of the game.

On another part, besides the regular version of the game in some other online game platforms players can find Rooftop Sniper unblocked, as a variant of the titles that offers special stages and characters, as well as the use of special weapons which do not appear in the regular version of the game.

Games modes, features and Rooftop Sniper 2

There are two game modes available in Rooftop Sniper: One Player mode and Two Players mode. In the One Player mode the user will be able to play against the machine or AI to advance on the different levels. Whereas the player continues to progress and clearing stages on the game these will get more a more difficult, with faster enemies and more powerful weapons.

In the Two Players game mode cleared or default stages will be the ones available to play, and both users will be able to use the same machine and keyboard to control their character. As it was mentioned previously, mechanics and movement in the game are very characteristics by resulting quite exaggerated, being easy for the player to fall on the ground or jump very high.

Because of this, the game can be considered a bit difficult for some players at the beginning, but it results a matter of costume and learn how to play the game properly, being very easy after that point. On another part, Rooftop Sniper 2 has been released a few months ago as the sequel version of the first game, having almost the same mechanics and physics but adding other stages and modes.

Requirements of Rooftop Sniper and how to play the game

In terms of requirements, by being an online game Rooftop Sniper is not quite demanding respecting hardware to maintain a good frame rate and general performance. It is recommended to use an updated browser and a machine with at least two cores and a discrete but dedicated graphics cards, instead of regular on-board graphics that is frequently to handle games smoothly.

Now, regarding controls of the game these are very simple since there are only two actions to be performed in the game: jump and shoot. So, in order to jump the player will be pressing the letter “W” on the keyboard, while shooting is done with the letter “E”.

Of course, offering the game the possibility to be played by two users at the same time and with the same keyboard, in this case the second player can perform the actions of jumping and shooting with letters “I” and “O” respectively. In this way and by learning these two actions, the rest comes on the ability of every player to make the other fall off the edge and win the match.

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