Run 3

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Run 3

Run 3 is the latest version of this series of games, presented in 3D to test your skills. In this case, it plays out in the space, where an alien must be guided through a series of dangerous tunnels through a journey that will be full of suspense and mystery.

In addition, there will be unexpected situations during the journey, as there will be surfaces that will suddenly appear and become increasingly difficult. The target thing will be to go very fast through the walls to advance into safer roads.

Run 3 is a very entertaining game for Google Chrome to disconnect for a few minutes from routine and live an incredible sensation, lots of action and adrenaline with amazing graphics as the 360-degree tunnels to go. As you progress, you will make achievements that will give you advantages, like power cells that are coins that will allow you later to unlock new characters.

Also, this version allows you to control certain features, unlike the previous games, since players can create their own paths or simply move through those that already exist in a very dynamic way.

Needless to say, you can enjoy this game at any time from your computer through Google Chrome for free, so you enjoy it whenever you require it, so you must run and jump accurately to dodge obstacles that are thrown and avoid falling to space.

Now, like this game there are other options like Geometry Dash, a popular game for Android that is now available for you to try on your computer; Running Fred, a game where he (Fred) must run for his life; Sky Trip tests your skills with fast moves and Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush, where action prevails when trying to prevent evil from seizing the world, dodging traps to achieve the mission and get more points.

In fact, there are a series of action games that, like Run 3, can offer hours of endless fun to immerse yourself in fantastic worlds, in which you must act prudently and quickly to reach the goal, overcoming obstacles and earning coins to unlock certain elements and to advance to the next levels. These are games that require concentration but once you start, you will definitely have a great time and will be encouraged to continue the fun until the end. All of these, available in Google Chrome, for free!


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