Be the longest snake

Online games are a great part of the whole videogame industry at present time, with titles played by millions of people with multiplayers options and other possibilities brought by the games known as .io, which were introduced in 2015. Thanks to this general influence, many online games can be played on Android and iOS platforms as an app, such as the very famous game known as Slitherio.

To know more about this game, Slitherio is a casual .io type online title created and released in 2016 by the independent developer Steve Howse, who saw the capabilities and general potential of these entertainment platforms to create a fun, competitive and real-time multiplayer game. Because of its mechanics and entertaining gameplay Slitherio became a great success.

In fact, at present time the game is still having great influence respecting .io and general casual online games, with millions of users across the world who compete on real time with actual players on different arenas, not only using internet browsers to play but also mobile operating systems like iOS and Android where players can download and play the game through the touch screen.

What is about thoroughly?

In details, is a casual online multiplayer game that can be played facing other competitors on real time, where each one of them controls a little and sympathetic snake that gets bigger and bigger while she eats pellets, as well as the rest of other death snakes from different players who got killed. develops on a giant arena that can hold up to 600 players at once that will face each other, where they can cross each other but never get in touch because the snake touching the other with her head will die.

Now, is an online game that clearly was inspired by its developer Steve Howse on the quite known arcade and mobile game known as Snake, which was very popular in the 1990s and 2000s as a title included on mobile cell phones from Nokia and other brands.

Of course, takes advantage of the more advanced resources in terms of software and hardware to offer a competitive, fun and multiplayer experience, even though the goal of the game is the same: to make the snake grow and grow by feeding it as much as possible and for the longest time.

Game mode and features of unblocked

Respecting features and game mode of unblocked, the player have to control a snake and move her through the arena to make her eating as much pellets as she can, as well as the rest of the other competitors´ death snakes to grow. Every snake on the arena is a real character and they compete each other to grow the biggest as it can be seen on a real-time leaderboard.

As usual, in this type of games the player starts as a little snake and is their job to make them grow by moving on the arena, which has a black background and the pellets for the snake to eat, as well as the other contestants who can have gigantic and colorful snakes that can go around the level several times.

In terms of characteristics, the player get to choose different skins to dress their snake in terms of colors and themes, such as flags and other exotic designs, although these must be unlocked by playing the game and progressing in level. unblocked offers every skin available from the beginning, as a special version of the game offer in some web game platforms.

How to play Slitherio and different controls respecting available platforms

Depending the platform Slitherio can be played using different control methods. For example, on internet browsers the player guide the snake with the use of the mouse only, since it follows the direction of the cursor to eat the pellets and rest of death snakes. Keyboard is only use to accelerate the snake´s speed for some time to eat and grow faster, by using the space bar.

On the other hand, the way to play the game regarding Android and iOS versions change completely due to the touch-base devices running these operating systems. So, Slitherio can be played on iPhones and devices running Android by leading the snake with the move of the finger, with virtual directional pad, or by changing the direction with a tap of the screen.

While the online version of the game is multiplayer exclusive and it does not offer one player option, the app version for iOS and Android provides players with the two different choices of playing online or offline by facing the machine with the support of artificial intelligence, as well as the possibility to play very much alike the traditional game by making the snake larger and larger as ultimate goal intended.





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