Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire on its online version to enjoy

Many players and general users around the world like online game because of the possibility to find different classic or retro games that were released decades ago, on different systems like home consoles, arcade machines and computers of the time that do not have amazing graphics in comparison to this time, but definitely result very fun and nostalgic to play and being the reason many people search for them.

Spider Solitaire is a very clear example of those retro and classic games everybody loves and remember, which was released in 2005 on its simplified and improve Spider version for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Of course, the game has been ported for other operating systems like Android, Mac OS, and Windows 10 and as a mobile version compatible with internet browsers.

Specifically, Spider Solitaire is a card game where the player fights against the machine or AI, where the ultimate objective of the game is clear the board (or in this case the screen) out of all the cards, by achieving some basic rules that cannot be override in any way. This version of the game differs from the classic Solitaire in the number of card decks and other minor changes.

Description of the free Spider Solitaire game and purpose

Just like any other classic and retro title released years ago, free Solitaire Spider is a 2-D game that belongs to the category of cards, where the ultimate purpose of the user is to clean the board out of cards by following simple and basic rules.

In the same way, the game offers up to three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and such difficulty levels are expressed in the specific card suits. Since this title can be considered hard if the player has little knowledge about card games in real life, all Solitaire Spider versions include detailed instructions, as well as the possibility to consult support and help of the game to move specific cards using clues.

The game permanently shows the general score and the movements made by the player on real time, being imperative to finish the game and remove all the card from the board in less movements as possible. If the player is interested they can consult general Statistics respecting every difficulty level like top score, movements and other information.

Features and instructions to play Spider Solitaire game

Having cleared out that the goal of the Spider Solitaire game is to remove all the cards from the board, to perform this task there are certain rules that must be followed depending on the difficulty level.

First, the game is played with two separate set of cards and 104 cards are on the table, where 54 four of them are divided into ten columns and showing only the top card. So, the player has four cards to play and fifty remaining cards are aside without any of them showing.

Secondly, depending on the difficulty level of the game chosen by the player the cards may be categorized in one, two or four different suits that have to match to make valid moves on the board. While cards can be moved from one column to the other, they must match in terms of decreasing numerical sequence, but if all of them are of the same suit in intermediate and advanced levels.

Continuing, all the cards in the column must be moved and organized in descending level from King to Ace, when this is achieved these cards and columns will disappear of the board. Now, if it results impossible to still performing movements and four letters in the personal deck are used, the player just must click on the 50-card deck resting on the right side to add new letters and moves to the game.

Since the game changes quite much by just changing the difficulty level by introducing more suits that have to match on the cards and columns to complete them, it is recommended to start with the easier level or Beginner and then move on from there, especially for those who are starting to play card games for the first time virtually and in real life.

Game controls and requirements of Spider Solitaire 2 suits

When it comes to requirements, Spider Solitaire 2 suits or 3 suits does not need advanced hardware to run smoothly, in any of the mobile and installable version for Android, iOS, Windows and those that run on internet browsers. The only recommendation respecting this matter is to have an updated browser for the best experience with Flash.

On another part, controls could not be any easier in Spider Solitaire on mobile and online versions. On computers running Windows and Mac OS the player just have to move cards from one column to the other or pick them from decks with a left click of the mouse. When the game is played using touch-based devices moves can be performed by scrolling and seeping the screen with the finger.

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