Tanki Online

Tanki Online

Videogames have come a long way since those early years where a simple moving dot on the screen and a set of pixels were the sensation, now with ultra-high definition 3-D graphics and amazing histories to tell, surround sound and even the possibility to enjoy of quality titles in the palm of the hand directly from mobile smart phones.

However, for many people there is not breakthrough as much as influential for videogames that the possibility to connect and face payers around the world, thanks to the internet and related technologies that allow the creation of the specific videogame genre of Massive Multiplayer Online or MMO, as well as the availability of web-based online games with similar characteristics, such as Tanki Online.

Tanki Online is an action and MMO videogame developed by AlternativaPlatform and released in 2009, quickly becoming one of the most played games in its type in comparison to the similar titles offered on online and web-based game sites. In Tanki Online the player is able to drive a tank and perform different actions regarding to war games, killing and offer and face battle on massive arenas.

Everything about Tanki Online game

Being Tanki Online game a title considered a Massive Multiplayer Online or MMO, such game base its specific purpose and focus on online multiplayer battle between thanks, whether individually or by teams on huge arenas where up to 500 players can play at the same and from almost anywhere in the world.

Also, this title is free-to-play in the whole sense of the phrase and just include micropayments in a few departments, since bounty and “gold” boxes are the most frequent in the arena while players obtain regard for winning matches.

The point in Tanki Online is to win matches as much as possible by killing enemies in other tanks, either individually or in small and large groups. To do so, every player must have their own tank and improve it to be able to compete, in terms of machine like hulls, protection modules and turrets, as well as other alteration and visual improvement like colors and decals.

To improve tanks and add different game modes players can bought them by using the in-game currency or gems, which can be gathered by playing the game or also through micro-transactions. Rank systems and Clan systems are included in the game to show the best scores, as well as being the method to match high-ranked players with other similar to compete in the arenas.

Lastly, Tankin Online is a completely 3-D game with deep tactic elements, menus and controls. To invite a friend to play directly is possible on one-vs-one and team games.

Game modes and Tankin Online ranks

Tankin Online is a massive multiplayer that can hold up to 500 players per arena, having a 3-D design and also incorporating RPG and tactical games. However, the title is an action videogame in the whole sense of the word where tanks are driven by players who have as objective to kill as many enemies as possible.

There are four different games modes in this game: Capture the Flag, as the classic mode where players fight in two teams and the group who finds the flag in enemy area wins. In this mode infiltration and tactics are more appreciate than direct killing and facing other players with weapons.

The second mode available is Control Points, where also groups are fighting in the arena to collect the control points of the enemy teams, which are located in several points of the territory. The group finding the control points faster than the enemy team wins the match.

And as third and fourth game modes on Tanking Online we have Deathmatch and Deathmatch Team Deathmatch, where the only important thing is to kill enemies until there is not even one standing on the enemy side, which can be played individually on a one against one or by teams.

On another part, according to the performance in the game we have the possibility be seen on the Tanking Online ranks, as the score boards that show the best players and groups and also work to select equally skilled opponents on the arena to fight with, avoiding unfair battles and also possible hacking.

Platforms available and game controls in Tanking Online

Tanking Online is available in different platforms. First, the title can be played directly from web-based game platforms through internet browsers, without downloading or installing anything. However, Tanking Online also counts with proper installable versions in Windows, Mac, and Android on mobile devices as an app with touch-based controls, as well as Linux.

Regarding controls, menus and options in the game can be controlled using the mouse and left click in most cases. Nevertheless, to control the tank and actual actions in the game like shooting and moving around in the arena are performed by WASD button combination, along with space bar and the E key to pick some bounty boxes.






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