The Impossible Game

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Impossible Game Lite: How to Play

In order to play the game, you just need to move the little box by making it jump every time an obstacle appears, and to do so you just have to click on the screen or press the space bar. In the case there are obstacles in a row and one jump would not cut them, by holding the click button down or the space bar will make the little box to keep jumping straight.

At every obstacle you need to jump, if you do not jump you will crash and you have to start over from the very beginning. Now, you can set Practice Mode to obtain skills and learn about the game. By pressing “F” in the keyboard the game will drop a flag in an exact place in the level, from where you can start over in case you crash. Up to 10 flags can be used in the lite version.

If you consider you do not want to play on Practice Mode anymore, you can delete the last flag you set by pressing “0” or by clicking in the back button, like this if you loss you have to start over from the very beginning.


There nothing like a platform game to pass the time and kill boring at any giving time, and The Impossible Game Lite is the perfect title to do so. Since, through this game you can have hours of fun and challenging levels as the game advances, meaning you can have limitless hours of entertaining completely free with this lite version of the game.

Specifically, The Impossible Game Lite is a platform game where the objective is to clear every level, by skipping all obstacles by making the little box jumping around at perfect timing. As logical, every level in the game means a noticeable increase in the difficulty, being a real challenge as you spend some time playing but making it every time more and more fun.

At the beginning of the game, there is a menu with different options for you to get information about the game.

For example, you can click on “Start” to play at once, click on “How to Play” in order to obtain instructions on the playing process and different options, as well as the option to buy the full version of the title, since this one exactly is a lite free version with limited options and levels.


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