Zombs Royale

The Battle Royale fever has arrived to online games with Zombs Royale

When it comes to videogames in the last two years no titles have had such influence and impact on players across the world than Battle Royal games, starting with PUBG as the great first phenomena with millions of players globally and facing each other on arenas, and Fortnite in second place as the title that really massif this type of games and took them to fame.

Online games are not out oblivious to this reality and Battle Royale titles started to be known, taking advantages of the .io possibilities of web platforms that provide with real time multiplayer, massive arenas and direct competitiveness. The most known and influential Battle Royal game available today is Zombs Royale, including all of these elements previously named.

Specifically, Zombs Royal is a massive multiplayer Battle Royal game in 2-D created in 2018 by the independent developers of the online titles Zombs.io and Spinz-io, but this time taking direct inspirations from games like PUGB and Fortnite, where players can face and kill each other on a massive arena.

Nevertheless, by being an online game Zombs Royale does not require any type of installation or previous download, since it can be played directly from the internet browser of choice. Now, when it comes to the also available mobile versions in the form of apps for iOS and Android, such applications must be downloaded and installed before being able to play the game.

Details and description of Zombs Royale io

In simple words, Zombs Royale is a multiplayer Battle Royale game where up to 100 users can face each other in a gigantic arena, falling from a parachute directly to the field. In the game, every players must look for weapons and other arms to kill the other players, and the last one standing is the winner, where groups and individual users can compete.

In order to make the players get out of shelters and avoid excessive hiding a permanent gas storm is always in the arena, deploying damage on different areas in the game that force players to leave their shelters and increase chance of making direct battles between them.

In the same way, the game include the possibility to buy chests, improvements and other with virtual money and gems that can be found in the arena. Loot boxes are also present with valuable resources that increase possibilities to win the game.

In terms of graphics and visual aspects in the game, elements and general arena is represented in 2-D, with colorful environments and details in characters and objects, adding also components proper of retro games that were released in the decades of 1980 and 1990 on home consoles and arcades, where perspective were directly on top of the game and the events right beneath.

Other elements are included in the game, such as bandages, hybrid potions and shield protections for health and protection, as well as different options in cosmetics to change the character and the guns. Monetary elements like coins and gems are also present, along with daily challenges, a proper shop and plenty of game modes.

Different game modes and features of Zombs Battle Royale

Zombs Battle Royale has to be one of the games with most game modes available right now, with over ten different combinations between solo and team arenas to face other online players. For example, there is the Solo mode that means the classic one to one experience where one player faces another; no teams, no groups.

Now, Duos and Squads are quite different to Solo since in these the player actually plays on a team at last with two or four other users to kill other teams or players. To win Duos and Squads modes the different players must killed the other teams on the arena or remain at least one of them.

On the other hand, there are other special game modes that are related to time, zombies, weapons and others. For instance, a 50v50 mode is where there are two teams that kill each other, while on Weapons Race mode the player gets and upgrade on their weapon by killing other players. Crystal Clash mode, Mystery mode and Superpower mode are also available.

How to play Zombs Royale and related requirements on PC

Zombs Royale can be considered a classic first person shooter game in 2-D, and the related controls to play on computers is very similar, by moving the character on any direction with the keys WASD, while the action button to shoot is the left click of the mouse. Also, for other actions like getting bounty boxes and other objects the player can press E and Reload the weapon with R.

On the contraire, for portable devices with touch screens like smart phones and tablets running iOS or Android the controls change drastically, since they have to be played by using a virtual joystick or D-pad, as well as virtual actions buttons to perform the different functions in the game. Unfortunately, compatibility with physical controllers on mobile devices for Zombs Royale is not possible.

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